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RWR Week 6

Respond with our thoughts to the following videos:


This video was shot in the Fall of 2010 in downtown Tulsa at an event called Luchapalooza. I was mislead when I glanced at the title and thought it said Lunchapalooza…I was ready for some food, instead I got a bunch of wrestler dudes in skimpy costumes. I thought the video was a little boring overall. I’m not sure if it was the music or what, but to me I took a bunch of sweaty drunk guys wrestling in the street in colorful costumes…not really my thing. There were a couple positives though, I enjoyed some of the angles and editing techniques they used. Maybe I would have taken more from it, had they provided a little background information on the event!

Women in Prison

Well this video was very interesting! I thought the punishment was excessive for sure, I’m curious what the sentence would have been had there not been children in the home. I do think though that she would have continued to sell it and may have even got more involved with bigger crimes. I think Oklahoma and Tulsa counties should consider District 4 and District 6 sentence times, it might help keep crime down some in more populated areas. On the otherhand you have to look at how much that would cost the state. Someone who may get several years in jail in a rural county and community service in Tulsa county would cost the state money to house and feed them then do so many hours of community service, where they would actually be helping out the city. I guess it’s good that they are at least addressing the rural areas…

Jerisha Walker

I think I liked the “Women in Prison” video a little bit more, but this is a close second! Jerisha Walker has had a tough life for sure. 26 different homes, two shelters and two group homes. Out of all those she said two were good expierences and would only consider being adoped by one whom she lived with for six months at  the age of 14. I never really thought about what happens to kids after they grow out of the system and this was a first hand look at just one of hundreds of kids in Oklahoma. One of the reasons it is hard for foster kids to graduate high school is that when they change homes, they change school districts also. After a long couple years of struggle and losing her job, forcing her to move in with her sister, Jerisha got her GED last year! Although it was rough, she prevailed and used the comments about her not being able to do it from others as motivation to try harder. This was an interesting and inspiring piece and recommend it to anyone to help understand the real life of a foster child.

Miami Herald cultivates video loyalty

This had a lot of common sense things to me that I already knew. Make short videos, if viewers want to watch a movie they’ll go to Cinemark. Find as many ways to expand your brand, this will help you tremendously in the long run. Many news companies have their own video/photographer team for only online content. I believe you have to have one to essentially be successful. Kind of like the Twitter thing, people want to know breaking news instantly. If you post something a couple hours after your competition does, nobody is going to rely on your station. However, one thing I did not really know was the two things that generate the most views and interest, breaking news and sports. I sort of figured breaking news, because people like to know what is happening in their community, state and in the world. Sports on the other hand, people love their sporting events I guess! People want to know the latest scores and who won what games. A lot of newspapers and TV stations could learn from the Miami Herald!