Week 5: Internet story ideas

Our assignment we have been given for Week 5 is how would we use the internet to excute the following story ideas:

Struggles of transgender youth, Tulsa’s growing population, profile/biography of Jason Collington

To begin with struggles of transgender youth, I would do an interview and documentary with a few that experienced and are currently experiencing it. Have a camera follow them around for a day in public, around friends and family, at home, etc. Also conduct an interview and edit it in with the video, like a Dateline or 20/20 story.

To execute a story about the growing population of Tulsa and surrounding areas I think the best way would be using graphs and charts. A lot of people like seeing visuals, show past numbers that show how much growth has occurred. Break down demographics around the city also to let people know what backgrounds have increased where.

My opinion to execute a biography on Jason Collington would use Dipity.com, a website where you can make interactive timelines. I was introduced to this site in RWR 4 and thought it was awesome. I would add pictures and scans of significant events in his life that would allow people to read and see an actual visual of him graduating college, holding his newborn child, etc. To me this would appeal because you are not just reading another boring bio, but something fun and interactive.


4/4 RWR Week 5

The Apple designer: Jonathan Ive

The embedded video is no longer available but I searched Jonathan Ive and found another design video part of a documentary, not sure if it is the same one but I watched it instead. Don’t know if you want us to reply to that one.



 Design According to Ive

This talks about some of the same stuff as in the video above. Basically, a key success for Apple products are making things that are sleek and don’t have a lot of pieces. I think this appeals to many people because it looks so futuristic and sharp. They are also insanely quiet which is something that appeals to people too. Why would you want a big bulky loud machine? You wouldn’t, or at least I wouldn’t. In the video, Ive mentions using as little as possible and recycling scraps to make smaller pieces. This minimizes cost and trash and helps Apple to become even more profitable!

3/4 RWR Week 5

The Birth of the iPod

Never thought about the iPod being a team effort. You mean Steve Jobs doesn’t do it all by himself?! *gasp!* After reading that it almost seems like  Jobs would be last on the list of three that helped father the player. Jon Rubinstein seems like he did most of the preproduction and research, finding a tiny hard drive from Toshiba to be the most useful because of its size. Tony Fadell seemed to be most responsible for assembling and actually making the iPod. Steve Jobs just kind of had the idea and released it. Rubinstein and Fadell did the dirty work. Not saying Jobs did not do anything, he just gets all the credit because it’s his company. Vinnie Chieco is actually credited with coming up with the famous name, nobody really gives him credit for it though. It’s okay, I’m sure he got a nice “thank you sum” haha. How awesome would it be to know that you are one of few people that created the most successful MP3 player?! I would be interested to know what other names for the iPod were being considered, maybe they will use one in the future for another Apple product!

2/4 RWR Week 5

What they said of the first iPad

I remember when the iPad was first released, I thought “Cool, another Apple product. I want it…I’m sure it will make millions”. I like that Fry notes that the release of the iPad put Apple as the overdog instead of the underdog for the first time. There are a couple other tablets that have just been released but the iPad continues to dominate! Now here we are, a year later and the iPad 2.0 is being released. My response? “Cool, another Apple product. I want it…I’m sure it will make millions”. No camera on the first one seems to have been a big negative for people as Fry points out. So what does Steve do? He puts not one, but TWO cameras on his latest release. Amazon took a big hit with iBook. Kind of made it look like revenge on Steve’s end. “How dare Amazon release a product that made millions, I’m goin’ make something better that will beat them”. Overall, I thought the article was good about the then just released iPad, maybe a little bias since he is such a fan of Jobs. I mean the guy has met Michael Jackson, the Queen and others and he gets more nervous meeting Steve? I think it would be cool to meet him, have a short chat or grab a picture with him but I most certainly would not be NERVOUS!

1/4 RWR Week 5

The Decade of Steve

And the underdog strikes back! I knew some of the history of Apple, but it was nice to have it laid out. This is an incredible story. Up until several years ago I would say Steve Jobs was not a household name. Now everyone knows who he is, thanks to his successful gadgets and inventions. Films, music, cell phones and movies are the four markets he is credited with impacting and maybe even more since this article is over a year old…that does not seem very long but a year is enough for Steve Jobs to make his mark. (like that segway?) 2001 was his year. Releasing the first iTunes on Macs, the OS 10, the first iPod model and opening 2 Apple stores was just the beginning. I thought it was funny they bragged about a 5 GB model holding a whopping, get ready…1,000 songs! Ten years later, that number means nothing considering most iPods are upwards, if not over, 100 GB. I had forgot Pixar was a product of Jobs also, Monster’s Inc. is one of my favorites! I did not know about their not making any public statements for a few months and making $400 million in free advertising, thats insane! I think one thing everyone likes about his products is everything is so user friendly, sleek in design and futuristic looking. Seeing how this story was published Fall 2009 and the iPad was not released until Spring 2010, I smiled when they mentioned the release of the Kindle 2 made him jealous, we all know what his response was to that! Closing, giving away apps and not profiting from them as much in order to sell your products that cost hundreds of dollars is one of the smartest marketing ideas in my opinion!

AP Magazine

For my advertising product I would pick the music magazine, Alternative Press. I believe the Internet is a valuable resource (especially magazines more recently) and would help increase sales, engage more people getting to know it and keeping it top of mind for music buffs. For starters, I would make exclusive content, like interviews and stories, available online to readers as well as free MP3 downloads of upcoming bands. All they would have to do is enter a code that is only available in the monthly magazine. So the magazine and website would work as a puzzle you see. With everything going digital and paperless, I think this would help more people become interested when they see they can get extras with every purchase. Another way the Internet could be helpful is if readers could accumulate points on their website and even more by purchasing their magazine. Trade points in for prizes like clothing, music and signed band memorbilia. The more points they have, the bigger prizes they could win. They could also gamble their poitns with online games and activities for even more points. This is similar to a program radio and television stations are starting to use to help increase viewers and listeners, as well as website visitors. Another way, I think networking with mavens that are particularly fond of music related news could also help boost this as they probably have numerous subscribers and followers on their sites. GO MAVENS!

6/6 RWR Week 4

PolitiFact Pulitzer Validates Journalism-Technology Collaborations

I’m not really into politics, so I don’t have much to say about this. It was kind of boring but still interesting learning about PolitiFact, as I had never heard of it. I like how the site is set up, very animated and fun…just not my cup of tea! Pretty neat that a site so new has already won an award. I imagine it’s traffic will increase dramatically around election time.