3/6 RWR Week 7

Study: 43% of Online Americans Addicted to Social Networking

Found this interesting. I would like to see an updated poll, not one that is from 2009, I’m sure the numbers have jumped even more with all the smart phones and things now. People have always got to be connected to the internet or they flip out! I enjoy getting on Facebook, but not as much as a lot of my friends. I’m not one of those people that check the Facebook feed every 20 minutes or when I’m bored. I was at a theater show last week and during the intermission noticed 10 iPhones around me and they were all on Facebook, unbelievable! Facebook is taking over the world and I just do not see what is so amazing about it. The only stats I think of theirs that will decline is the number of people who do NOT use their site.


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