1/6 RWR Week 7

Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011

There are a handful of these trends that I relate to and agree with. “Attentionomics” is important because people do not tend to have a long attention span when surfing the web, unless they find something they are interested in. I am more likely to read a story that is a few paragraphs long verse one that scrolls on forever. I would prefer to watch a video because I am a visual person but if the video is too long, I am not likely to watch all of it. In a previous blog assignment, it mentions two minutes as the target time. “Digital Curation” is important also because with the internet there are MILLIONS of things posted online from around the world and a lot of people, particularly advertisers, want your attention. A lot of ads are directed to people’s spam folders in their email. If you want people to see your advertising you have got to learn to seperate yourself from the “junk”! “Transmedia Storytelling”, people crave stories and technology creates new expectations. People have gone from reading stories to watching videos, looking at pictures, using interactive sites, etc. To catch people’s attention on the internet, you have definately got to use something more than text.


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