Week 5: Internet story ideas

Our assignment we have been given for Week 5 is how would we use the internet to excute the following story ideas:

Struggles of transgender youth, Tulsa’s growing population, profile/biography of Jason Collington

To begin with struggles of transgender youth, I would do an interview and documentary with a few that experienced and are currently experiencing it. Have a camera follow them around for a day in public, around friends and family, at home, etc. Also conduct an interview and edit it in with the video, like a Dateline or 20/20 story.

To execute a story about the growing population of Tulsa and surrounding areas I think the best way would be using graphs and charts. A lot of people like seeing visuals, show past numbers that show how much growth has occurred. Break down demographics around the city also to let people know what backgrounds have increased where.

My opinion to execute a biography on Jason Collington would use Dipity.com, a website where you can make interactive timelines. I was introduced to this site in RWR 4 and thought it was awesome. I would add pictures and scans of significant events in his life that would allow people to read and see an actual visual of him graduating college, holding his newborn child, etc. To me this would appeal because you are not just reading another boring bio, but something fun and interactive.


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