4/4 RWR Week 5

The Apple designer: Jonathan Ive

The embedded video is no longer available but I searched Jonathan Ive and found another design video part of a documentary, not sure if it is the same one but I watched it instead. Don’t know if you want us to reply to that one.



 Design According to Ive

This talks about some of the same stuff as in the video above. Basically, a key success for Apple products are making things that are sleek and don’t have a lot of pieces. I think this appeals to many people because it looks so futuristic and sharp. They are also insanely quiet which is something that appeals to people too. Why would you want a big bulky loud machine? You wouldn’t, or at least I wouldn’t. In the video, Ive mentions using as little as possible and recycling scraps to make smaller pieces. This minimizes cost and trash and helps Apple to become even more profitable!


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