3/4 RWR Week 5

The Birth of the iPod

Never thought about the iPod being a team effort. You mean Steve Jobs doesn’t do it all by himself?! *gasp!* After reading that it almost seems like  Jobs would be last on the list of three that helped father the player. Jon Rubinstein seems like he did most of the preproduction and research, finding a tiny hard drive from Toshiba to be the most useful because of its size. Tony Fadell seemed to be most responsible for assembling and actually making the iPod. Steve Jobs just kind of had the idea and released it. Rubinstein and Fadell did the dirty work. Not saying Jobs did not do anything, he just gets all the credit because it’s his company. Vinnie Chieco is actually credited with coming up with the famous name, nobody really gives him credit for it though. It’s okay, I’m sure he got a nice “thank you sum” haha. How awesome would it be to know that you are one of few people that created the most successful MP3 player?! I would be interested to know what other names for the iPod were being considered, maybe they will use one in the future for another Apple product!


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