2/4 RWR Week 5

What they said of the first iPad

I remember when the iPad was first released, I thought “Cool, another Apple product. I want it…I’m sure it will make millions”. I like that Fry notes that the release of the iPad put Apple as the overdog instead of the underdog for the first time. There are a couple other tablets that have just been released but the iPad continues to dominate! Now here we are, a year later and the iPad 2.0 is being released. My response? “Cool, another Apple product. I want it…I’m sure it will make millions”. No camera on the first one seems to have been a big negative for people as Fry points out. So what does Steve do? He puts not one, but TWO cameras on his latest release. Amazon took a big hit with iBook. Kind of made it look like revenge on Steve’s end. “How dare Amazon release a product that made millions, I’m goin’ make something better that will beat them”. Overall, I thought the article was good about the then just released iPad, maybe a little bias since he is such a fan of Jobs. I mean the guy has met Michael Jackson, the Queen and others and he gets more nervous meeting Steve? I think it would be cool to meet him, have a short chat or grab a picture with him but I most certainly would not be NERVOUS!


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