1/4 RWR Week 5

The Decade of Steve

And the underdog strikes back! I knew some of the history of Apple, but it was nice to have it laid out. This is an incredible story. Up until several years ago I would say Steve Jobs was not a household name. Now everyone knows who he is, thanks to his successful gadgets and inventions. Films, music, cell phones and movies are the four markets he is credited with impacting and maybe even more since this article is over a year old…that does not seem very long but a year is enough for Steve Jobs to make his mark. (like that segway?) 2001 was his year. Releasing the first iTunes on Macs, the OS 10, the first iPod model and opening 2 Apple stores was just the beginning. I thought it was funny they bragged about a 5 GB model holding a whopping, get ready…1,000 songs! Ten years later, that number means nothing considering most iPods are upwards, if not over, 100 GB. I had forgot Pixar was a product of Jobs also, Monster’s Inc. is one of my favorites! I did not know about their not making any public statements for a few months and making $400 million in free advertising, thats insane! I think one thing everyone likes about his products is everything is so user friendly, sleek in design and futuristic looking. Seeing how this story was published Fall 2009 and the iPad was not released until Spring 2010, I smiled when they mentioned the release of the Kindle 2 made him jealous, we all know what his response was to that! Closing, giving away apps and not profiting from them as much in order to sell your products that cost hundreds of dollars is one of the smartest marketing ideas in my opinion!


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