AP Magazine

For my advertising product I would pick the music magazine, Alternative Press. I believe the Internet is a valuable resource (especially magazines more recently) and would help increase sales, engage more people getting to know it and keeping it top of mind for music buffs. For starters, I would make exclusive content, like interviews and stories, available online to readers as well as free MP3 downloads of upcoming bands. All they would have to do is enter a code that is only available in the monthly magazine. So the magazine and website would work as a puzzle you see. With everything going digital and paperless, I think this would help more people become interested when they see they can get extras with every purchase. Another way the Internet could be helpful is if readers could accumulate points on their website and even more by purchasing their magazine. Trade points in for prizes like clothing, music and signed band memorbilia. The more points they have, the bigger prizes they could win. They could also gamble their poitns with online games and activities for even more points. This is similar to a program radio and television stations are starting to use to help increase viewers and listeners, as well as website visitors. Another way, I think networking with mavens that are particularly fond of music related news could also help boost this as they probably have numerous subscribers and followers on their sites. GO MAVENS!


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