4/6 RWR Week 4

How a small Arkansas TV station uses Facebook, Twitter to drive audience to newscasts, website

TV stations are all beginning to use Twitter and Facebook, I think it would be strange to come across one that didn’t have one or both. They are very beneficial to them. I noticed within the last couple years that at the end of a news broadcasts you would hear the anchors say something like “Keep up with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter,” I remember thinking to myself that this was going to pick up and spread to other channels until it was the norm thing to close with. Now a lot of news broadcast incorporate Facebook and Twitter reactions and comments into their broadcasts. I like this because I think it engages more people in the community and shares other peoples opinions instead of just reporting the news. It also gives people a place to have a voice and interact with others who may agree with them. I thought following the news on Twitter would be silly, but it’s really kind of cool! They do a pretty good job of keeping it updated with any breaking news or stories their covering. That’s the only way a TV station Twitter can survive, you have got to have someone ready to post breaking news as quick as possible. If you’re one of the first and people know they can rely on you they will spread the word and you will gain more followers and site traffic. Who wants to follow a TV station that does not update very often and is the last one to tweet breaking news? Not me!


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