1/6 RWR Week 4

TBD’s course raises questions about failure and success on the way to journalism’s future

TBD is a news website in the New England area that has recently decided to focus on arts and entertainment content since it was successful with advertising. In doing this, it caused disappointment by laying off half of their staff. In my opinion, companies that make drastic changes such as turning over ownership and cutting half of their staff, are not the same company. But with all the advances in technology and journalism you can not blame media for trying to find a niche people find popular to stay in business. An example of this is below:

“JRC is of the mindset that failure is a learning experience and an incentive to do better the next time, said Vice President of Content Jon Cooper. He told me that when the Ben Franklin Project first launched, readers weren’t submitting the kind of content that staffers had hoped. So the staffers reconvened, figured out how to ask for content in a more effective way and ultimately got what they were looking for.”

People are not listening to radio as much as they used to, thanks to the Internet and things like Pandora and iPods. I have several friends in radio that were promised jobs in other markets, after relocating and a few short months they were out of a job or were not getting the salary promised due to changes within the company. At least they did not move as far as this TMB employee though!


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