4/4 RWR Week 3

Meet the fastest growing company ever

Groupon, never heard of it! While reading this, I kept thinking of half off deals, many companies today offer a small number of gift certificates for half price (ex: $50 for $25). I think this is a great marketing tool because it gets a company exposure and more than likely will gain new customers, seems similar to groupons in a way to me. Andrew Mason has endured many ups and downs and lost money while trying to get started, but definetly has success now! He says Groupon has over 35,000 companies that want to be clients of his and has surpassed a billion dollars, the only other company to do that is YouTube.  The biggest problem he has is people that replicate him. I think he doesn’t feel the need to shut copycats down because he is so successful and even said it was not worth the time to him. Any successful company or website though is going to have knockoffs. Overall though, Mason seems pretty confident in himself and his business!


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