1/4 RWR Week 3

Three Secrets to Make a Message Go Viral

The three steps to going viral

1. Connect to emotional experiences

2. Sharing

3. Trigger/Reminder

Got it? Good! I agree with the article, viral videos are a tremendous help in marketing and advertising at little to no cost. Now that they have become more common though companies need to remember to enforce the three rules listed above. I think comedy is the best road to take for something like this because people remember something that makes them laugh and are more than likely going to tell someone about it and share it in an email forward, Twitter or Facebook update, or post it on their blog. There have been a lot of viral videos in the past few years and a lot of people have sites like Youtube to thank for their discovery and success. After all, most people with viral videos just wanted to share their video with a few friends and family and had no idea they would end up sharing it with the world

Here are some popular viral videos that I think are hilarious!


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