4/5 RWR Week 2

How Ford is selling cars and influencing people

With a company as big and old as Ford, I would definetly say they are a role model for other companies that hope to be as successful and around as long as them. I thought the Zombie Survival Guide commercial was cute, hadn’t seen that one. Using commercials with customer testimonials was a great action on their part. Personally, I would rather see what the Average Joe likes about a car than some guy driving the car around on a “closed course” and a voice over guy. To do this though, they gave 100 of their new car they were trying to sell, the Fiesta Movement, to 100 people for 6 months and let them tell what they liked and did not like. Now obviously, this cost them millions but their return has been great. I wish I heard about this offer because I would have loved to submit an application…chances would have been slim though since there were over 4,000 people that also wanted to participate. One of my favorite Ford commercials can be seen below:


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