4/5 RWR Week 1

Inc: Markus Frind works one hour a day on his website and brings in $10 million a year

Work one hour a day (which usually ends up being a few minutes) and have a salary of 10 million a year? Sounds good to me! I may even work overtime. With the exception of the Seth Godin video, this was my favorite article for Week 1. It was easy for me to follow and was not boring…not that the other articles were haha. This guy is proof that anyone with a dream and a computer can start an idea, okay okay maybe he had a lot of luck on his side too. I don’t think he made PoF with making millions in mind. He found something he liked to do and became good at it. He seemed to brag a lot and act a bit cocky, but I guess with his story it would be hard not to, right? I think this could be a cool movie, or at least documentary…The Social Network: Part 2?

To me I took, the Seth Godin/tribe video + Inc/branding yourself article =  Markus Frind.


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