1/5 RWR Week 1

Fast Company: How TED Connects the Idea-Hungry Elite

The TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference is something I had never heard of before this class. To attend the actual event in California is quite expensive, but to watch it online is free. This article talks about TED being a new Harvard, with the exception of  having any buildings or granting degrees. It also does something few universities would consider doing, posting their knowledge and content for free on the internet. I think that TED and the internet is changing the way people receive information and learn. People don’t have to be in the actual room where a lecture or demonstration is taking place, they could be on the other side of town at their house or even on the other side of the world watching the same thing in another language.

The world wide web is great” -Kip, Napoleon Dynamite

You never know what the web could do for you!


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