Gravity Kills returns to Tulsa, plays free show!

Last night, Gravity Kills played a free show at the Hard Rock Casino for hundreds of fans eager to see them play a show. The show was inside the night club there, Friction. I was working the show with 104.5 and got there around 8 PM to set up. The Edge was giving away an Ibanez guitar signed by the band, thanks to Guitar Center. There was also a meet and greet at 9PM, I was responsible for getting people signed up for the guitar giveaway and checking winners in for the meet and greet. At 8:45 PM, the tour manager came and got the winners, I had to stay at the table since I was there by myself.

Earlier, Jeff, the lead singer, came up to the Edge studios and played a song for Demko’s Download of the Day. I watched him do a short interview, then play their second single acoustically (Enough) from their self titled debut CD. After, he hung around and talked to some of the DJs about the show and some new material they had been working on. Check out the audio here.

Back to the show…Gravity Kills went on stage about 10:30 to a packed club of about 250 people. For those of you who have not been their, the stage in Friction is above the bar…it’s pretty cool! The show was full of crazy lights and I thought smoke machines…but I’m pretty sure it was just from everyone smoking. They played their most famous single, Guilty, third song into their set…which I think pleased a lot of fans that they did not have to wait until the end to hear it. Gravity Kills formed in 1994 outside of St. Louis and is planning on having a new album out this fall or early next year. They played for a good hour, even though the fans…most who were slightly intoxicated…(we are in a bar here), wanted more.

Last time Gravity Kills was in Tulsa, they played the Edge Birthday Bash at Cain’s Ballroom in 2007. The show at Cain’s was much better I believe, it was more personable and the stage wasn’t as high, so the band could interact with fans more.


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