Nickelback concert review-Tulsa

WOW! WHERE DO I BEGIN!? The Dark Horse 2010 tour was (in performing order) Australian 3 piece Sick Puppies, Floridians Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin from Pennsylvania and headlining the show, a little Canadian rock band called Nickelback, maybe you’ve heard of them?

The show was Saturday night at the BOK Center and had been sold out for weeks. It was actually the second leg of the tour, the first leg made a stop in Tulsa last April and was also sold out. I was working the show with 104.5 so I had to be there by 5 to set up the music and check in the winners for the Nickelback meet and greets which were suppose to happen around 6. With most bands though, they usually always get pushed back. While the Edge street team and myself hung out front jamming music, we gave away prizes and talked to fans that were excited for the show. In Saturday’s case we did not meet until 6:30 for the meet and greet and then waited another 45 minutes before we actually met the band. I missed seeing Sick Puppies and most of Shinedown but could hear them as we were waiting in a backstage area. There were dozens of people waiting to meet them (VIPs, radio winners, fan club, etc). The way it worked was you went into a room with whoever you were there with where the band was waiting. Autographs were not allowed and they had a professional photographer who took your picture with the band with a nice backdrop, I shook their hands and talked to them for a few seconds before being rushed along so the next winners could get their picture taken. It was just like it sounds, pretty quick. But the guys were all super nice and for the few seconds you are with them they make you feel like you are the only people there!

By the time I got done with the meet and greet, I saw Shinedown perform the end of their set including their hit single “Second Chance.” Breaking Benjamin (pictured above) took the stage about 7:45 and played a 40 minute set. The singles, “Diary of Jane,” “Breath,” “Until The End,” “I Will Not Bow” and “Give Me A Sign” pleased the crowd the most judging from the cheers.

Nickelback went on just before 9 and started out the show with some pyro during the song “Burn It To The Ground” which got the crowd of over 17,000 fans energized for the rest of the night.

Three songs in they played their 2005 hit single “Photograph” while scrolling pictures of Tulsa and Oklahoma icons on the video screen during the last verse. The setlist consisted of 20 songs, most singles, spanning their 6 studio albums since they formed 15 years ago. The show was a full on rock show full of alcohol (on and off stage) with several guests appearances of an herbal substance. Not to mention, the pyro and lights was a show by itself!

Half way through the set the band decided to go to the end of the cat walk and perform a few songs, I thought it would be some acoustic stuff when all of a sudden a hidden drumset flips up from under the stage! The crowd went wild and the band spent 15 or 20 minutes playing songs and talking to the crowd before heading back upstage. A few minutes later, a killer 10 minute drum solo while the drum riser rose up in the air and spun around. The band ended their 2 hour set with their hit songs “How You Remind Me,” “Gotta Be Somebody” and “Figured You Out.”

This was my first time to see Nickelback and I would love to see them again! They are great live and sound nearly identical to their CDs, which is usually hard to do for bands. I hear they are adding a third leg of the tour this fall…OKC!? *fingers crossed* Count me in!

The setlist (which I was lucky enough to obtain from the stage) from the show:

Burn It To The Ground
Flat On The Floor
Leader of Men
Savin’ Me
Shakin Hands
Far Away
Something In Your Mouth
This Afternoon
If Today Was Your Last Day
Sad But True
Too Bad
How You Remind Me
Gotta Be Somebody
Figured You Out


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tavia on April 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    Man i wish i could of went! :/ i’m glad you had such a good time! good review


  2. Posted by Sallie on April 28, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Sounds like a great show! I love the idea of showing the pictures of the local show place during Photograph. That probably really got the crowd pumped up.


  3. Absolutely a fantastic tour.They became my favorite since their performance on 2010 Winter Olympics.It’s an awesome song “Burn It to the Ground” that’s perfectly fit on the event.


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