30 Seconds To Mars concert review-Tulsa

Let me just start off by saying the concert on Tuesday night was wonderful! The line up for the Into The Wild Tour was Neon Trees, Mute Math and 30 Seconds To Mars at the Brady Theater. It was the 3rd stop on the first US headlining tour for 30STM since 2006. I was working the show with 104.5 so I had to be there by 5 to set up the music and check in the winners for the Neon Trees and 30STM meet and greets which were scheduled for 5:30 and 5:45. The Neon Trees MNG went fine but the 30STM MNG was moved to after the show. After the MNGs were taken care of, the Edge street team and myself hung out front and talked to fans while they waited in line. I did not get inside until 7:45 because I was putting up all the music equipment and waiting for my girlfriend and a couple friends.

So I missed Neon Trees, who had started around 7, but Mute Math took the stage about 8 and played a solid 40 minute set. They opened with their 2007 single, “Typical.” The encore of their 10 to 12 song set was amazing! The guitarist picked up his pedal board and started playing it like it was an instrument, causing it to make different noise effects, the singer started banging on his piano and then went over and started banging on big floor toms (drums) with the drummer and bass player. I had the opportunity to see these guys do an in-store performance at Best Buy in 2007 and it was nothing short of amazing then too! This band does not disappoint and if you have the opportunity to see them I highly recommend it!

30 Seconds To Mars took the stage at 9 opening with the first two tracks off their latest CD, This Is War, “Escape” and “Night of the Hunter.” After the crowd was pumped they played the single that got them on the radio, “Attack,” which was from their 2005 release, A Beautiful Lie. Towards the end of their 80 minute set, between songs, I looked in the aisle to my right and coming down right behind me was Jared! He leaned on my friend’s shoulder who had the aisle seat next to me (I moved over for him earlier in the show, I guess I shouldn’t have haha) before going back up a couple rows and playing some fan requests and getting very intimate with the crowd! Check out the pictures and video below and see what you missed!

The setlist consisted of 10 of the 12 songs off of This Is War, leaving out “Alibi” and “Stranger in a Strange Land.” They also played their radio singles from A Beautiful Lie, “Attack”, “The Kill”, “From Yesterday” and “A Beautiful Lie.” The only song they played from their self-titled release was “Capricorn” (seen in the video above). They closed their set with “Kings and Queens,” the first single and most popular song off of This Is War. Not before inviting dozens of fans on stage though to sing the gang vocals. After the show the MNG radio winners and myself got to meet the band and get posters signed. They were not that personable and seemed rushed, I don’t know if they were in a bad mood or just wanted to get through signing autographs. (Towards the end of the show they had announced they were doing a signing for all fans who purchased their CD, which was directly after the radio MNG and I assume what they were trying to hurry through.)

This was my first time to see 30STM and I would love to see them again! If you have not already, be sure to check out my review on This Is War, which can be found here


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  1. First off, I am so jealous of you right now! I would have love to see the show and after reading your post I am more than sorry I missed it. You took some great shots of Jared and his crazy pink mohawk, which surprisingly doesn’t look too bad.
    Because I have never seen 30STM perform live I was wondering if you would rate their live performances above their recorded version? And how did you get the opportunity to meet them?


    • Hey thanks for your comment! I actually met them through the radio station that I work for, Bill said I could blog about concert reviews if I mentioned working at a radio station, like what that involves and the promotions side of it. So I mentioned what my job usually consists of; setting up/playing music before the show and meet and greets!

      As far as live performance, I would say it’s pretty dang close to listening to the CD but live is SO much better because you are actually there seeing it…the energy is amazing! If you get the chance to see them, GO!

      My next two blogs will be another CD and a review of the Nickelback concert last night! Hope you’ll read em! 🙂


  2. Posted by Sallie on April 25, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Not my kind of music…seems a little strange for them to be at the Brady – more of a Cains kind of group to me. Fun that he came out into the audience though. Would like to hear some of the Mute Math sounds that you mentioned. Did you get any video of them?


  3. Posted by Tavia on April 26, 2010 at 10:48 am

    sallie i think you’d like this new cd! they look strange but are very good live! i like the cd even more after seeing them! good review and pictures! 🙂


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